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Sorry I Wasn't Able To Blog

Hey everyone I tried reading tonight but couldn't. I read Simon Bloom on my Nook and my Nook glitched out and wouldn't let me log on. Sorry  I wasn't able to bog but things happen when you have to use technology.
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Simon Bloom for the Last Time ........... or is it

So having left off last time in the book Simon Bloom The Octopus Effect with them making it to the Order of Biology and going through weird pools. Now the Master of the Order of Biology is giving them some octopus traits to use to fight the bad guys. So one gets camouflage, one gets the ability of jet propulsion, and the leader Simon gets 4 invisible arms, the ability to breath underwater, the ability of flexibility, and who knows what else. Really Simon is a bit overpowered with his time and space power, gravity, and friction even before the power ups. I think he will gain the ability to regenerate and leave parts of his arm behind like a lizard.

Simon Bloom Again

Tonight I read Simon Bloom The Octopus Effect for the second night in a row. Really the parents see a new principal to the school who asks to take their kids on a field trip and they don't even blink an eye when they send their kids off. Then instead of a field trip you get an underwater exploration that takes you to a dome of air that contains many different biomes. Really fighting with people that shoot fungus (lame) and people that have an impenetrable exoskeleton.  Then of course when things start to get normal they jump through a pool of water that lets them go through space and time.

Simon Bloom Really

 Tonight I read Simon Bloom octopus effect. First off when you have super powers is it so that doing the normal thing is boring so you have to do everything in an abnormal or awesome way. First off sitting on the celling while reading sounds a bit eccentric. Then a weird book shows up from a rip in time and space and tells you that danger is approaching and still that isn't weird in any way whatsoever. Then a 12 year old goes flying up a mile into the sky and falls back down on the other side of town. Really is walking not good enough for you Mr. I Control Physics. I think that they will have to face their age old enemy Siribette. And yes that is how you spell her name.     

The Giver As we have read The Giver book and watched the movie we now need to decide which one we liked better. The next part is kind of a shocker because I usually love the book and hate the movie. In my opinion I liked the movie a little better because it used aspects that the book didn’t use. I didn’t leave the beggining open ended and sort of closed it up in the end. In the book it left it very open ended on what happened in the and sort of left you to chose what happened. Aside from that there are many other different reasons why the movie was slightly better than the book and some movie scenes to back that up.
The first thing is that they made him have the ability to influence his friends which will lead to him to not be mad and it allows him to form a deeper bond and leads to an extra element of him needing to escape before they inject her with the death liquid. While some people say that the ability to show his friends what he is learning takes away from his anger to escape the…

Gfandmas Life in a Bottle

Grandma’s Early Life In A Nutshell
It was a Saturday night I had just finished dinner when my mom said the dreaded words “ Kai let’s do your homework. You have to call grandma right.” Sure mom sure that's totally what I have to do I thought. So, I sat down on my wonderful couch and tried to call grandma. First time was a no go, second time we got no answer, but third time’s a charm as they say. I thought to try to make it seem like we were breaking up but my mom would know. Why would I do that you may ask, let's say that my grandma is an awesome but talkative and chatty person.
With her short gray white hair that get a little longer at top with a little touch of blond it makes her seem younger than 73. She has beautiful speckled blue eyes with flakes of green that stand out. She has creases and wrinkles around her eyes and her mouth that stand out from many years of laughing. She is nice and always has a story to tell no matter what the topic is. She is always willing to listen…

The Tools Of A Fletcher

  Even when they do make arrows what materials would they need in order to make a good arrow? Do they use the most high tech thing available of do they go simple with easy tools? I am here to tell you that. First off they need to shave of the sides of the piece of wood for the shaft so that it is a semi-perfect long cylinder. Then they look down the arrow and bend to the areas that has bends in order to straighten it. Then at the end of the arrow they carve a divot into the wood with a knife. Then you take the fletchings and a fleeting jig and fletching flu and start to install the fletchings. Then you take a taper tool to taper the arrow. Then the final thing is adding your point on the end of the shaft.